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We’ve been creating websites since 2004 and website design is at the heart of what we do at Mosaic. We’ve worked on over 250 projects and supported clients across a wide cross-section of industries. Our projects vary in size from small family businesses to multinationals. Let us assist you, whatever your website design needs. From simple brochure sites to eCommerce marketplaces, we can help bring your brand to the web.

At Mosaic we handle all aspects of website design, starting from the registration of your domain name, the configuration of the hosting server, and creation of your email accounts. We’ll design and develop your site using the latest technology, based upon a content management system (CMS) so that you can control your data. We keep the search engines in mind when developing content, and ensure that the site renders across all browsers and devices. If you’re selling goods or services through your site we’ll set up an online store and guide you on payment processing. We’ll monitor traffic to the site once it’s live, make any required adjustments, and support you for as long as you need!

Website Design: Domain Registration

Choosing the right domain name for your business is essential. An effective domain name should be relevant, memorable, and usable. Use your business name but if this is too long, or has already been taken, you may need to be creative. Keep your domain name short, use the .com suffix, and avoid hyphens and numbers. Ask yourself how easy it is to tell somebody your domain name. If you have to explain, or spell out, any part of it you may be harming your brand in the long run. Contact us today so that we can help you choose the right domain name for your brand .

Website design - domain name registration
Website design - web hosting

Website Design: Web Hosting

Selecting a server to host your website is an important decision. You want to be sure that your website loads quickly with no downtime. Your storage must be enough to accommodate a website that will grow over time, and host your emails. And of course, the server must be secure from malicious attacks. We host our websites on servers in Chicago, London and Amsterdam. These are widely considered to be the fastest in the industry, and boast the best security isolations, and 100% uptime. We don’t limit customers in terms of either bandwidth or storage.

Website Design: Content Management

We recommend using an open-source, web-based, content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla for your website design. This way you have the ability to update the information on your website, without the need to install software, or learn how to write code. Should you wish, you can manage the entire site internally, without having to engage us to implement changes. These platforms also offer numerous add-ons that make selling products online, and securing your website against hackers, quick and easy.

Website design - content management system
Website design - content development

Website Design: Content Development

We can’t overemphasise the importance of well thought out content for your website design project. At Mosaic we start by conducting extensive keyword research based on your digital marketing strategy. This helps us to ensure that the content for each page of your site is geared towards enhancing your search engine ranking potential. We can work with you to fine-tune your existing copy where necessary, or we can write all of the content for you from scratch, whichever you prefer. For more information on these services check out our SEO and Content Marketing pages.

Website Design: Mobile

The volume of mobile internet browsing overtook that of desktop users in 2014. While usage still varies considerably by market and industry, it is now a given that your website must be responsive. Mobile users expect an experience that matches that enjoyed by desktop users. Mobile sites need to load quickly because of the low processing power of mobile devices, and slow mobile data connections. Google now excludes sites without a mobile version from mobile search results. At Mosaic we test all of our website design projects across devices to ensure a seamless experience.

Website design - mobile
Website design - ecommerce

Website Design: eCommerce

While traditional bricks-and-mortar retail continues to suffer, online shopping is growing in leaps and bounds. There is no better time to put your goods or services online with our eCommerce website design solutions. Let us provide you with the support you need to set up an online store and start selling. While we’re at it we can also connect your store to your existing inventory or POS platform, and set up Amazon and eBay stores. We can even stage product photography, provide support with payment processing and help you with fulfillment!

Website Design: Analysis & Reporting

You’ve invested time and money in your website design project, and you expect to see a return on investment. We work with you in establishing SMART objectives, and measuring conversion rates to ensure that you achieve them. We’ll use a combination of free tools to help you monitor website traffic, and analyse how users find, navigate, and interact with your site. You’ll have access to a wealth of valuable information, and we’ll help you drill down to the most important metrics. We’ll send you reports on a regular basis so that you can track progress.

Website design - analysis and reporting
Website design - support and maintenance

Website Design: Support & Maintenance

On completion of your website design project we continue to provide support and maintenance. We guarantee to fix any bugs that crop up in the days and weeks after launch, at no extra charge. Beyond that we’re always happy to put together a maintenance package that meets your needs and budget. We take a proactive approach to monitoring our sites, and if we see something that needs to be addressed, we’ll bring it to your attention with a suggested solution. We can also provide training to your team, allowing you to manage your website internally.

If you have an existing website and you want to be sure that you’re making the most of its potential, why not take advantage of our free no-obligation website audit? Simply send us a note with a link to your website and a way to get in touch with you, we’ll review the site and make some suggestions. Contact us today to get started.

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