Social Media Marketing

Cut Through The Noise & Harness The True Power Of Social Media Marketing

Traditional marketing is largely one-sided – businesses push out ideas and customers passively receive them – but digital marketing, and in particular social media marketing, is much more interactive. Social media marketing is best thought of as a conversation, rather than a message. Customers share and discuss everything from news articles to pet photos, and as businesses we can choose to join a conversation to drive brand awareness or address customer concerns, or start our own conversation and let customers do the marketing for us.

Early social media marketing focused mainly on the organic distribution of content, but several platforms now offer a much more focused approach to advertising to customers. Facebook in particular harvests so much data on its users that if you have a product aimed at a niche market Facebook can help you target exactly the right audience with your ad. There are many social media platforms, and we focus on the most prominent. However, depending on the nature of your business, some of the smaller sites may be just as important. We can help you with social media marketing on as many or as few platforms as necessary to deliver on your strategy.

Social Media Marketing:
Content Creation

Content is king in social media marketing. A successful brand has a compelling narrative that underpins business objectives and creates relationships with target audiences. Posting valuable information regularly will attract your ideal customers. We will work with you to match your brand’s aesthetic with visually appealing and relevant content that is consistent with your core identity.

Social Media Marketing:

While it’s easy to use social media platforms as a megaphone, blasting out content, it is more valuable to start conversations and truly engage with your customers on their level. Engagement can be split into two categories: reactive engagement, consisting of answering direct messages, comments, or incoming mentions your business receives, and proactive engagement, referring to businesses taking the first step to initiate a narrative between themselves and potential customers. We will work with you to develop meaningful reactive and proactive strategies to foster relationships that raise brand awareness and increase lead generation.

Social Media Marketing:

Going beyond digital word-of-mouth, sponsored social media ads are one of the most effective marketing investments businesses can make. With organic reach down across all platforms, businesses can no longer simply post and hope that all followers stumble upon content. We work with you to implement unique social media advertising strategies for major social networks that target your audience, build customer relationships, and get people navigating to your site.

Social Media Marketing:

A simple, smart, and easy-to-understand social media report is key to demonstrating the value and success of your social marketing plan. By providing a data-driven snapshot of social media efforts, we will be able to conduct analysis, react to customer behaviour, and adjust campaign details on the fly, allowing your business to maintain a competitive edge and maximise customer experience.

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